Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you can’t help but have heard about Brexit.

We here because of a few ’protest votes’ for UKIP which allowed them to gain media attention, then Prime Minister David Cameron pledged the Brexit Referendum as part of his election manifesto to keep his job swaying the marginal UKIP voters.

All that has eventually left us in this state. I won’t rehash what you already know, but let’s look at where we are a now….no deal, second referendums and a Prime Ministers resignation.

We have a government in shambles, fighting between themselves rather than doing the job they are paid to, represent their constituents and do the best for the country.

Brexit is much less about Britain’s relationship with the EU than it is about Britain’s relationship with itself. – https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/18/europe-brexit-britain-state-politics-fit-for-purpose

A Second Referendum

This, in theory, sounds like the most logical option. Let the people vote again based on facts people didn’t bother to read and ‘fake news’ that have been debunked.

£350 Million a week to spend on the NHS.

Boris Johnson

I have a few issues with this

  1. We are saying democracy doesn’t work.
  2. We can cry about any decision and get it reversed.
  3. We need progress, not procrastination!

No Deal

By some regarded as the fastest solution. We would the road hard but be forced to organise trade-deals at a rapid pace.

In truth, political suicide for the current government.

Prime Ministers Resignation

This doesn’t really help anything other than pushing through the deal we have. I don’t know enough of the details to say if it the best option or not.

Democracy Doesn’t work

Sometimes you don’t need democracy, you need someone to take control and make a decision. Whether right or wrong, make a decision and stick with it.

We had all the facts at the start of this, people vote on emotions and against the other party rather than facts logic. By re-voting, were telling everyone ”throw your toys out of the pram” and you will get what you want, is this a mentality we want to send to the next generation?

The Hard Truth


People across the world have lost confidence in Governments, taking taxes and returning nothing to the people. Taxes go up, added to more and more products yet house prices keep rising whilst health care and education are slowly being privatised, you can see why the people are losing confidence.

The U.K. and its Brexit, the US who voted in Trump and Egypt, Ecuador, Montenegro, Thailand, Turkey, Philippines, and Venezuela, have attempted coups d’état in the last 10 years.

The old model is failing the new generation where all information is at your fingertips. The old antiquated government model needs modernising, fast, or who knows what the people will make happen.

We made the decision to leave as a nation, not no matter what we have to keep our word and make the best of the situation and leave the EU as a United Kingdom!