I continued to travel with Alex and board the clean and tidy ABO bus to take the 7-hour bus trip to Oaxaca, from Mexico City. Every bus journey in Mexico has had issues and this is no different as it has an issue before we leave the station and we are te-allocated to another. We descend from Mexico City, 5 hours in and the highway is closed, the bus takes a detour through dirt tracks barely able to take a car let alone a 50 seater bus. We weave and wind through the back roads carving through the pretty scenery looking exactly as you see in the movies. I decide to fast for the day which turns into a masterstroke as the bus is none-stop and has no shop on bored. The ABO bus is clean and tidy and we meet Steve, a Belgian travelling Mexico for 7 weeks, we hit it off instantly chatting about life, mexico, Brexit, Reggae and all in between.

Three Amigos

We make it to Oaxacan and find a hostel ‘Las Iguanas’, known for having a very social atmosphere and we are not disappointed with the packed roof terrace/bar containing 4 hammocks, plenty of seating and great margaritas. I enjoy a few drinks but call it a night at 12, plenty go out until the small hours of the morning.

Oaxaca Cathedral

We spend the first full day in Oaxaca city taking the 3-hour walking tour learning all about local culture, the city and the amazingly impressive cathedral. We relax in the evening before undertaking an epic night out with a great live band, beer and the local drink Mezcal, a vile spirit made from the heart of the agave plant – which looks like a cross between a cactus and an aloe vera plant.

“Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, también”
“For everything bad, mezcal, and for everything good, as well.”

We follow up the night out with a trip to Monte Albán 9 Km east of Oaxaca, an impressive Pre-Colombian site.

Monte Albán.

As I stand at the top of one of the mounds I reflect through the eyes of a Native Leader/Chief looking over the settlement in astonishment that they have created such a masterpiece whilst seeing any enemy danger far and wide from its high vantage point. We follow up with another night out, same bar but Salsa music today. It’s another classic!

Alex and I take the bus to San Juan del Pacifico and enjoy a hike around the forest. At 2200m it’s a beautiful spot to see the sunset and clouds rolling off the mountains and is already one of the highlights of the trip!

Sunset from San Juan del Pacifico

I spend the next week on various beached relaxing and taking some time for my self. First was Ziplota a quiet beach famed in the 70’s for attracting hippies and nudists. I spend most of my time in the hammock and 1 day out in Corzilla bay attempting to surf without taking a lesson. Ridiculous but a great experience understanding how the waves work.

Puerto Escondido

We move on to Puerto Escondido, another surfers paradise but with a few more people and a really cool vibe. We check into Bueno Onda hostel and instantly make friends going for dinner with the Aussie boys and returning to the hostel for drinks and a chat with everyone. I also meet Jevan, host of the Podcast. We click about life and Hip-hop and I’m asked to be a guest on the show, it’s an absolute honour and we get it booked in talking all about life. We have such a good time we decide to do a part 2. I will attach the kink when it comes out.

Steve & Niko Jamming

I decide to take a surf lesson and love it but the heat at 35c is draining and I spend more tome in the hammock, taking in sunsets and listening to the guys jam. We have a new arrival Niko, a super cool Canadian with a love for music. Happy dayz!

Alex has to leave on the Friday for the UK and I realise that my trip has stalled and decide to get a 15 hour night bus to San Cristobal. Had this been month 3 I would have been happy to stop but week 3, I want to keep moving exploring. This will be my first bit of solo travel turning up in a new city with no hostel, friends and limited language skills. Here goes!!