I leave Antigua with a heavy-heart. It had become my home with a regular routine, gym membership, local friends and salsa class. Yet with all this, I know my time is up in Guatemala and I’m ready for something new, fresh and scuba diving.

Travel To Honduras

I make the 2 day trip from Antigua to Utila Honduras with a night stop in Copan to see its Mayan ruins. The site is clean, tidy and not touristic. However, many of the statues are replicas and as a result, have been heavily repaired.

Within the site, it has a large number of Scarlet macaw. These have amazing colours of red, yellow and blue, are local to the area and are sacred in Mayan culture. My picture doesn’t do them justice, have a look here.

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I spend the night in Copan and get the 5 am bus to Utila. I had no thoughts about Scuba diving yet the more people I meet the more I want to experience it. I’ve always taken new ventures on and travelling is giving me the opportunity to try things I’d never thought of in the past. I’m very grateful for these opportunists to open my eyes to new things.

The East Coast has the second largest barrier reef (Great Mayan Reef) in the world, stretching over 1,000 Km. In addition, it’s one of the cheapest places to scuba dive in the world.

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Dive team!

I take to scuba diving like a duck to water, unfortunately, some others in our group struggle a little. It takes time to believe in breathing underwater. Nevertheless thanks to the amazing tutors at Underwater Vision they get the hang of it pretty quickly.

I have a great time in Utila and I find diving like meditation. As my skills improve I worry least about moving and breathing underwater and enjoy looking at the stunning scenery. Its a very different world underwater, not like anything we have on land with trees and forests. The coral formation is a whole city within its self with elaborate colours and sea life living and swimming around.

Sunsets on Utila

Scuba Diving

Life under the sea underpins life on land, scientists believe that it contributes to 85% of the oxygen. I get a real sense of why we need to stop using plastics and tidy up our oceans. If we don’t act now and tidy up the oceans we will have giant difficulties in the future. Underwater vision do a beach clean and will come back with so much rubbish that with some care and thought could have been reused or recycled.

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Great Mayan Reef

Unfortunately whilst on the island, my friend Emily has to return home to England. It’s amazing how much you go through as a travelling family, you’re with people 24/7 for days or weeks. You go through more emotions with your travel family than with friends you’ve known for years. It’s sad to see Emily return home, despite the setback I’m sure she will be travelling as soon as possible.

I wish I had more pictures but I spent most of my time underwater, watching amazing sunsets or on a bus. Thankfully my friend @JackForge_ did a great job in this YouTube video!

Central America Underwater

Utila is an island people get stuck on, come for 5 days and stay months and I can see why. I met so many amazing people and whilst some leave more are arriving. I achieved what I wanted in my 10 days becoming qualified to scuba dive and re-starting my travels. Some friends are travelling south to Nicaragua and I decided to tag along with them and make the 2-day journey.

Just watch this video to see what happens when you go to Utila!

Travel To Leon, Nicaragua

The shuttle to Leon, Nicaragua is $80 USD and takes 16 hours. We calculate it will cost us $40 USD going via public busses. The only issue is, we have to spend a night in the capital Tegucigalpa with a reputation for being dangerous.

”Dead tourists are bad for business”


We make the border crossing have no issues. Most of the gang activity is outside the city centre and dead tourists are bad for business. The gangs, cartels and Honduran government do not want International pressure from issues with tourists. We arrive at the bus station and take a taxi directly to the hostel. The next morning we are on the 9 am bus to Nicaragua.