Relax people, buying on the dark web is relatively easy and you will find just about anything you need and more. Here’s a 101 guide to get you started.

Getting Started

  1. Download and install the browser Tor Browser
  2. Download and install Kleopatra encryption, more on this one later.
  3. Create a BitCoin account at so you can buy and transfer Bitcoins.
  4. Open Tor Browser and go to
  5. Scroll down the page until you find Empire Market, the link will be a long string of numbers and letters ending in “.onion”, copy this and past it into the Tor Browser
Empire Market Dark Web Link
  1. Register to get access to the site, you do not need your e-mail address. Pick a username and a complex password from a password generator.
    Remember to keep your PIN number safe!
  2. When in, take a look around.

Buying Something

I want to buy some sunglasses, here’s how you would do it.

Buying some sunglasses

You can see in the picture, the price is set in Euro’s to negate the fluctuation in BitCoin prices, the “Buy Now” highlighted is in Bitcoin and the pice in the bottom left the price in BitCoin.

  1. Buy some Bitcoins from I’m not going to go through this, its pretty simple. Pick a vender and click buy, its similar to eBay with seller feedback and ratings. You will have to bank transfer to the seller so pick wisely.
  1. You need to send the BitCoins to your Empire Market account. In Empire click “Balance > Bitcoin Balance” the page will allow you to generate a BitCoin deposit account, they are only live for 48 hours so be very quick with sending the BitCoin.
  1. Transfer the BitCoin into your Dark Fail account.
  1. Once the BitCoins are in your account, you can click buy, go to the bottom of the page and get the “Vendor PGP Key”, you need to copy and paste this into a blank notepad document and save this. You will need all of the text including the dashes and “BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK” all the way to “END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK”
  1. Open Kleopatra encryption, click “Import” and find the text file from the previous step. Click Notepad and type your address into the box, to encrypt this click “Recipients”, the only box that needs to be clicked is “Encrypt for others:”
    Add the recipient in “Encrypt for others:”, if you click the plus sign it will bring up the list if imported encryption keys.
  1. Click Sign / Encrypt Notepad, then Notepad and you will have your encrypted address. Enter this into the “Notes:” section in Empire Market, enter your pin created in the login process and “Confirm Purchase” to seal the deal.